A Request from a Searching Knight

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A Request from a Searching Knight

Postby Mynwyn » Sun Jun 01, 2008 5:33 pm

As some know, recent events in my life have caused me to question my current commitment as a Knight. I feel that I have drifted away from my original purpose in becoming a Knight and lost touch with the general Populace in the meantime. To this end, I have undertaken a pilgrimage to try and find what I have lost. I haven't given up my Knighthood or, most importantly, the responsibilities of such. I have put aside my baldric, my spurs, my rank and titles and my right to bear arms before court and taken upon myself the white tabard of a pilgrim to symbolize my journey of searching.

Towards this end, if you have any ideas on what Knighthood means to you; why you became or would like to become a Knight; or general advice I would gladly accept it, either on this forum, through email or in person. Please share your ideas with me and help me return renewed from my journey.

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Re: A Request from a Searching Knight

Postby DonSirMichel » Sun Jun 01, 2008 11:24 pm

While some may see your question, as an easy one to answer it is not for everyone has a different idea of what is knighthood. There is the historic answer, the Arthurian answer, the modern answer, and of course the game answer.
Personally to me it is the same as what we are taught as kids, always help people not just when its convent, always try your best, be honest, treat people how you want people to treat you, uphold the law, stand up for what you believe in, and so on.
Also in my opinion Myn, you have always been a person that holds these qualities, you have always stood up for what you believe in, you have stood up for other when the could not, you help with out question, and you have always treated me with respect and kindness even when we don’t agree.
So no matter what anyone says, in my personal opinion you will always be a Knight, you will always be her Excellency.
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Re: A Request from a Searching Knight

Postby Ysabell OWick » Thu Sep 18, 2008 9:51 am

Hi Myn,
Only your heart knows what you have lost. The question remains can you revive it? I think you can! Just by the fact that you've put out the post. You're not willing to give up... so.... DON'T!
(Thinking back) The road to Knighthood for me was filled with laughter, great times and a lot of twisted bumps. But, it's the trials that make us better people & Knights. They teach us to to be humble, to have empathy, to see things from a different point of view other then our own. I know that politics can be a factor in Knighthood. If you like politics that's great... but... If you don't and it's weighing you down... you have the right to step back from it and tell people you need to have a rest for a short bit and will return. And when they say.. "Yah but..." You have got to be firm and redirect them to someone else. Because we all have just kept going... and going.... and going... but even the "Bunny" needs to recharge his batteries. :lol:
People get scared when you step back for a while... that natural. People come to expect certain things from us as Knights. But, you are not doing yourself "service" by not stopping and smelling the roses every now and then.

I thank-you from the bottom of my heart!... At the Mt. Chareston Event, You helped me with my tips and I was finally able to fight and get combat points! I've been waiting 4 years to do that! You went above and beyond teaching us all about Bardics. You showed passion, excitment, you inspired others to keep trying bardics and me the ablity to keep fighting combat.

WOW... That's a BIG impact! Isn't that one of the things that being a Knight is about!?! :idea: :P
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Re: A Request from a Searching Knight

Postby Mynwyn » Fri Sep 19, 2008 6:21 pm

Yes. It is. Thank you very much for you kind words. It's unfortunate that "Thank you's" and "Good job's" far too often get lost in daily interaction and it's very heartening to hear one.


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Re: A Request from a Searching Knight

Postby rurik » Wed Oct 08, 2008 3:57 pm

I don't know what you originally thought becoming a Knight meant, because 'we' didn't ask those questions on peer circles back then. At least my aging brain can't recall what the answers might have been had they known. Regardless, here's my take on being a Knight Minister, specifically. You do it because you love to serve, and more importantly you do it because it is needed. Your service is done out of love for the game, the organization, or whatever you 'enjoy' or value. If you are doing it because the thanks or recognition or kudos or awards are important, then you are going to get hurt and lose that enjoyment. I've seen almost all of my former peers from that era disappear, become disenchanted, or simply step back so far that they become invisible. I can't blame them, as I'm one of them. It's hard to be a minister - harder than Combat or Arts, as the 'ability' that gets you the accolade is the one necessary to the organization's survival. If you aren't willing to give of yourself wholeheartedly, without expectation of recognition or reward, then you shouldn't be a knight. It's hard to divorce oneself from something one has been devoted to for so long. I think you need to ask yourself some very basic, very proprietary questions:

Why do you do this in the first place? Why did you do this in the first place.
What do you expect to get from this?
How relevant is this to you 'real' life, your career, and/or your personal sense of well-being or accomplishment? (Are you someone who is proud of their accomplishments in the game, such that it improves your real life, or are the two separable?)

I think, as others have said, that since you are willing to search for answers you are showing a continued dedication that speaks to an answer, at least. Many of us have gone on that journey, albeit less formally, and never returned.

Good luck on your quest.

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