Agenda 2011

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Agenda 2011

Postby Mynwyn » Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:12 am

Imperial Estates Meeting Agenda
November 19, 2011

I. Roll Call

A. Members of the Board of Directors (1 vote each)
1. President- David Reines
2. Vice President- Judy Dodge
3. Treasurer- Jon Green
4. Secretary- (Vacant)
5. Sergeant at Arms- (Vacant)
B. Members of the Imperial Estates (1 vote each)
6. Lady Dame Emlyn Vigamor Enke Ulfgud
7. Contessa Dame Chimera the Cleric
8. Earl Sir Vladimir Tolos
9. Baroness Dame Kyrie McKay
10. Baroness Dame Ginevra Della Cascata
11. Lord Sir Otto der Bear
12. al-Amir al-Faris Mikhail ibn Abdullah al-Nur-al-Din
13. Viscount Sir Reinhardt von Konrad
14. Lord Sir Paul de Marseilles
15. Baroness Dame Isabeau Needlemeyer
16. Lord Sir Richard “Rabbit” Kirk
17. Sir Dae NaDel
C. Royal Estates (3 votes each)
18. Crown of Galandor
19. Crown of Vega

II. Officer Reports

A. Arts and Sciences
B. Combat
C. Exchequer
D. Rolls
E. Sovereign of Arms
F. Web Minister

III. Old Business

A. There is no old business.

IV. New Business

A. Vote on New Officers – all letters attached at end of agenda

1. Arts and Sciences – No letters received
2. Combat – Letter received from Earl Sir Vladimir Tolos
3. Exchequer – Letter received from Lord Sir Lassidor Vandolini
4. Rolls – Letter received from Viscountess Dame Mynwyn verch Gruffydd
5. Sovereign of Arms – Letter received from CLD Chimera the Cleric
6. Web Minister – No letter received

D. Add the following to the Imperial Manual of Combat, Section IV.B.i.3:

A padded gambeson or (pre-approved) equivalent. This gambeson is to be made of a minimum of two layers of cotton batting and covered by heavy broadcloth. Commercially available fencing jackets meeting Olympic fencing standards are also acceptable. Females are required to have an additional 2 layers of padding extending over the entire breast area. NOTE: If the gambeson is of sufficient padding and coverage, elbow and possibly kneepads may not be required. Please speak to the Crown Marshal/Constable or their duly authorized representatives to get final approval.

The Marshals shall allow sufficient time for gambesons to be made or retrofitted before enforcing this new rule.

Reasoning: Female breasts are almost as susceptible as male genitalia to serious harm. The thrusts allowed in rapier increase the likelihood of injury. The additional padding is easy to add, even to existing gambesons and will help reduce this problem.

Submitted by: Mynwyn verch Gruffydd, Imperial Minister of Combat

D. Add the following to the Imperial Manual of Combat, section V.B.i.3.b.iv:

iv. Torso armour shall overlap with arm armour. If it does not, separate shoulders matching minimum upper arm requirements are required.

Reasoning: It has recently come to my attention that while the IMoC states that “extra care should be given to the protection of the shoulders” (V.B.i.3.a), shoulders are not expressly required to be armoured. Shoulders are especially vulnerable to the thin edge of a steel sword, no matter how well wielded, and that doesn’t even take into account the possibility of accident. I believe that this follows the original intent of the rules, just clearly states it.

Submitted by: Mynwyn verch Gruffydd, Imperial Minister of Combat

E. Modify the LI starting with V.C.3 as follows: – unaffected sections are not listed

3. Kingdom
A Kingdom is considered a Landed Estates within the Empire therefore only a. and b. from above apply. A new Kingdom must have the permission of the Kingdom that it resides in and the Imperial Estates to form.
a. King or Queen-Sovereign Crown of a Kingdom, defined as at least 125 paid members or 10 years of continuous membership and 7 knights with a minimum of 2 knights in each area and 2 Imperial Knights in any area, in a geographically specific region set by the Imperial Estates.
4. Landed Estates of Kingdoms and subject Territories
Are defined as Estates within a Kingdom that hold voting power on one or more Estates based on numbers of people represented as noted below.
a. Prince or Princess – Subject Crown of a Principality, defined as a geographically specific region within a Kingdom as defined by the Crown Estates of that Kingdom and containing at least 75 paid members over and above the numbers needed to maintain a Kingdom or 7 years of continuous membership and at least 6 Knights with at least 2 Knights in Ministry and Arts, 1 in Combat and 1 Imperial Knight in Ministry.
b. Duke or Duchess -Ruler of a Duchy, which is defined as a geographically distinct region within a Kingdom or Principality containing at least 50 paid members or a minimum of 4 years of continuous membership and at least 4 knights with at least 1 knight each in Ministry and Arts.
c. Marquis or Marquessa - Ruler of a March, defined as a geographically distinct Territory within the boundaries of a Kingdom (as defined by the imperial estates) and consisting of at least 25 paid members in residence or a minimum of 2 years of continuous membership and 2 knights with at least 1 in Ministry.

Reasoning: I feel this would help the outlying territories achieve advancement in Kingdom status while making sure that they have the rulers and experience to govern accordingly.

Submitted by Baroness Dame Kyrie Mckay

F. Change Section V.B.8 of the LI to the following:

8. In the event that a member holds multiple voting privileges in the Imperial Estates due to elected position, rank, past service or Crown, the member shall be limited to only voting in a single capacity; all others are forfeit.
a. This does not preclude the member from holding another member’s proxy.
b. A Sovereign position must be the predominant position and anyone holding multiple votes must forfeit all save the Sovereign Position and vote for the duration of holding the Sovereign Position.
c. If a co-sovereign also holds a Board position, they must exercise the Board Vote and the other Co-Sovereign must exercise the Sovereign vote.

Reasoning: The kingdom whose ruler is also a board member should not be punished because of it. Also, with our decreased membership it is harder and harder to find people willing to step up to the plate as it were. Since the term of service of sovereigns doesn't coincide with the BOD it is possible and likely with a few example to date of overlap and IMHO the kingdom should take precedence during the IE meetings.

Submitted by: Lassidor Vandolini

G. Change Section III.C.1.d to read:

d. The meeting time and complete agenda shall be published at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.

Reasoning: Now that internet use is so widespread, it doesn’t take as long for everyone to read, debate and decide about the agenda. I think 60 days is unnecessarily long and just drags things out. I’m willing to entertain other day limits, but I think 60 days are too long.

Submitted by: Mynwyn verch Gruffydd

H. Award ministry projects for those Members of the Board of Directors who have served their full terms of Office.

Reasoning: Members of the Board of Directors are responsible for the operation of the corporation in the mundane world. They frequently work hard and without any compensation. Their work is critical to the continued operation of the game. They should be given the opportunity for acknowledgment by the Imperial Estates.

Submitted by: Lord Sir Paul de Marseilles

I. Appeal of Decision of Imperial Knights

Unto the Empire,

I, Lassidor Vandolini KBn, do hereby appeal the decision of the Imperial peer circle concerning my non-elevation to K3. I requested the circle on 17 Aug 2010. In Jan 2011 (well past the 60 day limit) I finally tracked down a K3 to get an answer and was verbally told no without any reasons given. I have never received anything in writing from the peerage. I am asking for this to be evaluated by the Imperial Estates. Copied below is the letter to the Imperial Peers:

The latest published points, from the April 2010 Sword of Vega, for me are:

Shinai Rapier Steel Total War KL’s Classes
1021 893 725 2639 1269 11 5

Regular Feast War Total F&W MP’s Classes
900 58 421 1379 479 2 2

Regular War Total MW’s Classes
63 264 327 0 1

In the field of Combat, these are the second highest point totals in the Kingdom of Vega only behind Sir Vladimir. If my memory serves the knightly list are split 6 in rapier and 5 in hard suit. With the exception of Sir Reinhardt, the various list were won in tourneys that included at one time or another all the current high-ranking Knight Combatants of Empire. Over the years, I have had 4 squires all of which later became either Knight Combatants or Knight Ministers, sometimes both.

Out of the field of combat, I have dabbled in the arts and been an active minister. In 2003, I won the arts tourney at Banner War. Over the years I have been house lord for two different houses for a total of about 8 years and Baron for about 8 months. I have served the Kingdom of Vega as Chronicler, Rolls and List, Deputy Combat Marshal, and Exchequer. I have served the Empire and Imperial Chronicler, Imperial Exchequer, BoD Vice President, BoD. Treasurer, and BoD. Sergeant at Arms.

Submitted by: Lassidor Vandolini

V. Discussions

VI. Adjournment

Appendix – Letters of Intent for Imperial Officers


Greetings to all:

I Earl Sir Vladimir Tolos Knight Champion, Knight Civil, Craftsman in Arts, Lord of the Empire, Knight Commander Order of St Michael Cithara, Order of the Star of Vega, Order of the Sun of Vega, Order of the Sovereign’s Gratitude, Order of Sophia.

Do offer my service as Imperial Minster of Combat for the coming term, after a lot of decision on the matter of the ECS with my wife and friends, I have decided to help out with the running of the Empire. As A Knight Champion I am knowable about and interested in promoting combat throughout the Empire.
In service,


Greetings unto the members of the ECS,

I, Jon Green, aka Lord Sir Lassidor Vandolini would like to serve as the next Imperial Exchequer. I am familiar with all the requirements of the job and all the important dates for the ECS inc, financially speaking. I have served the last two years in this post and would like to continue serving the Empire.

Lord Sir Lassidor Vandolini Kbn LoC of Vega


I, Mynwyn verch Gruffydd, do put forward my letter of intent for the office of Rolls. I have the required program and experience and would like to help the Empire in this way.

Mynwyn verch Gruffydd
(insert titles here)

Sovereign of Arms

I, CLD Chimera the Cleric, wish to continue my service as Imperial Sovereign of Arms. I feel I work well with everybody from all the Kingdoms and try to complete my duties in a timely manner. I am retired and do have the time to perform my duties. I also enjoy teaching folks about heraldry. I have several resources at my disposal including, but not limited to books and the internet.

CLD Chimera the Cleric, KP...and all them other titles

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