Sixth Agenda Item

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Sixth Agenda Item

Postby Mynwyn » Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:36 am

Add the following to the Imperial Manual of Combat, Section IV.B.i.3:

A padded gambeson or (pre-approved) equivalent. This gambeson is to be made of a minimum of two layers of cotton batting and covered by heavy broadcloth. Commercially available fencing jackets meeting Olympic fencing standards are also acceptable. Females are required to have an additional 2 layers of padding extending over the entire breast area. NOTE: If the gambeson is of sufficient padding and coverage, elbow and possibly kneepads may not be required. Please speak to the Crown Marshal/Constable or their duly authorized representatives to get final approval.

The Marshals shall allow sufficient time for gambesons to be made or retrofitted before enforcing this new rule.

Reasoning: Female breasts are almost as susceptible as male genitalia to serious harm. The thrusts allowed in rapier increase the likelihood of injury. The additional padding is easy to add, even to existing gambesons and will help reduce this problem.

Submitted by: Mynwyn verch Gruffydd, Imperial Minister of Combat

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