Battle Of Banner War

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Battle Of Banner War

Postby Sir Kronoschk » Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:47 pm

Journal entry of a Galandorian at the Battle of Banner War:
My line was marching forward, towards utter chaos it seemed. The clashing of shields and swords in the distance grew louder as we neared. I felt despair in my unit as I looked around, we all shared the same face, a terror it seemed, as if we were marching to our doom. Suddenly I heard a dull roar come from behind us, I turned and saw my comrades do the same. The dull roar slowly rose, and as the shape of our allies appeared between the trees the roar was almost triumphant. Dressed in gold and white every fighter nearing us looked exuberant. They slowed to match our march as they approached us, once we were neck and neck the ranks closed and we became one unit. We saw our general in front, our glorious Defender, standing strong, armed with the shield of Galandor. Our speed increased, the despair that gripped us moments before left as we neared the battle. The fighting was now laid out in front of us, I swallowed hard as I saw the overwhelming Crimson before me. Our general raised his sword and bellowed over the deafening battle, “For Galandor! CHARGE!!” I was knocked forward and stumbled to keep my footing as I skipped into a run, an all-out sprint. Our enemies turned as they heard the cry, pikes leveled to meet us, shields locked up, my focus was sharp and I was ready for anything…

Greetings to all members of the populace. On the 22nd day of May we invite you all to meet in the mountains of Flagstaff to battle in the glorious Battle Of Banner War. The site will open at 10 AM that morning and will close at 12 PM on Monday the 25th. The site will be the same as previous years and the fee will be 15 crowns.

This years war will be a bit different than years past, each day will be themed differently and the scenarios will mimic that. Be prepared to fight all three forms on both days, and keep in mind we will be sticking to a schedule as best as possible. As many years before, on Friday night we will have a shinai tourney open to all who are willing. It will be in the form of the Wandering Waylaid Tourney we had here in Altiora. The next morning Steel will be first, with a Crested Tournament, and melees will follow. In Rapier, melees will be taking place first, due to the scenario, and the tournament will be proceeding it. As we transition forms we’ll have a closed Shinai tournament, and follow with a Grand Melee where the two opposing teams will fight over a large open field and capture their opponents and ransom them off. When Sunday arrives the fighting will start once again with the same order of events, however, the theme will be different.

Both days will be a host of wonderful events. We will be having Queen’s tea mid-afternoon on Sunday. And after we all have our dinners on Saturday night we will meet again and have a Royal Dessert Festival. I ask that each household brings their own dessert so we can share and have a joyous time. After our stomachs are thoroughly stuffed there will then be an Kingdom Estates meeting before we all meet again and enjoy Stormdragon’s Gambling Den and the Royal Auction to follow.

Of course Banner War is not only a fighting event, on Saturday there will be a Grand Arts Tournament and prizes will be given out to many winners, especially those with more unique entries, Sunday will also be a host of wonderful activities for Artisans as well. We’d like to see as many arts entered and judged as possible by Saturday night, for we don’t want anyone to be dismayed from entering them in the auction house simply because they are not done. Along with the fighting and arts our Sovereign Of Arms will be hosting a Banner Competition for the best decorated campsite. Also, on Sunday night there will be a celebration at the Solaris encampment for Dame Lorelei’s wedding anniversary.

We’ll be in need of many helpers at the event, and we appreciate any who offer it. With any large event, there is lots of planning needed, and while most of this is set there is always chance of change. Please feel free to contact me or any of my co-autocrats if you have any comments or questions. I can be reached at or on the Galandor and Vega forums.

In Service to History,
Pan Sir Kronoschk Kiwaczyk
Jarl Jaster Mereel
Tokugawa Tsuruchi Noyuri

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