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Proposal 4 for the Feb 2017 IE meeting

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:16 pm
by lassidor
Proposal #4 - Change to the Imperial Exchequer Handbook
Change section Financial Policies and Procedures
“6. The group [Board of Directors] is responsible for obtaining a Post Office Box [within Arizona] to use
as the mailing address for the group. [All mailings and registrations pertaining to the organization’s
structure are to be sent to this PO Box; ie. Imperial Bank statements, corporation registrations,
insurance, etc.] Two separate individuals should have mail box keys and the mail should be collected at
least once a week.
Reasoning- This documents the procedure for maintaining an ECS PO Box for membership purposes.
Since the ECS is an Arizona corporation, the mailing address must be within Arizona

Re: Proposal 4 for the Feb 2017 IE meeting

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 3:26 pm
by lassidor
while I personally feel the item is unnecessary, there is a flaw in the reasoning.

from the policies of the IE.

I. Effective immediately, all membership dues are to be paid directly to the Imperial Exchequer P.O. Box. It will be the responsibility of the Imperial Exchequer to update the address section on the membership form and to send it to all appropriate officers. On a weekly basis, the Imperial Exchequer will process all memberships received and will transfer the original signed copy of the membership form to the Imperial Rolls Officer, keeping a photocopy of the form on file for the Imperial Exchequer's office. The Imperial Rolls Officer will then, on a monthly basis, update the rolls information and send out Imperial membership cards directly to the members. It is the responsibility of the Imperial Rolls Officer to provide updated information to the Territorial Rolls Officer on Chroniclers on a monthly basis. This can be done by either sending out mailing labels to each, or the information can be transmitted electronically, and it will be their responsibility to update their files. Approved by the Board of Directors on 2/1/98. Amended and Approved by the Imperial Estates in November of 2007.

there was an update a couple of years ago passing the responsibility for membership cards to the kingdom officers.


AA.The Imperial Post Office Boxes shall be moved from Tucson, Arizona to the Phoenix Metro Area. All necessary forms shall be adjusted accordingly. Approved by the Imperial Estates in November of 2008

So we actually already have a requirement for an imperial P.O. box in Az. it's just not where any hard copy membership forms are sent.