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Letter of Intent for Vice President of BoD

Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:38 pm
by Gerrit Kendel
Greetings unto the Empire of Chivalry and Steel

I, Chris Stuckey, known throughout the Empire as Gerrit Kendel, do hereby announce my intent to take the role of Vice President of the Board of Directors. I have previously served on the BoD as an interim secretary. I am currently reigning as the King of Galandor, and have also held leadership on the Territorial level as Marquis of Solaris. I am a Knight Artisan, Knight Minister, and Knight Champion. In my professional career I have worked for several employers where I was either the lead of a team, or was on a special assignment team where it was required to work closely with my peers in order to bring projects into fruition. I wish to take on this role not only for my qualifications, but also because of my desire to see this organization continue to grow and strengthen.

Thank you for your consideration.

Chris Stuckey
King Gerrit II, KC, KMn, KA