Letter of Intent for IMoC

Navar Amadeus O'dea
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Letter of Intent for IMoC

Postby Navar Amadeus O'dea » Tue Dec 15, 2015 11:57 pm

Greetings Lords and Ladies of The Empire,

I hereby submit my letter of intent for the position of Imperial Minister of Combat within the Empire of Chivalry and Steel.
I have served the Kingdom of Galandor as Kingdom Marshal for the past year, and have been the Territorial Marshal for the Marquisette of Solaris for two years. In that time I have overseen the local and kingdom-wide testing of multiple new weapons, forms of equipment, as well as assured that all marshals of the Kingdom of Galandor, within all three territories, are properly warranted as per the Legis Imperium.
Through these offices, along with serving as the Marquis of Solaris, I have displayed my desire to educate and lead the current and future generations of this empire. By my actions, through mouth and hand, I look forward to further serving the Empire of Chivalry and Steel.

Thank you for your consideration.
Lord Sir Navar Amadeus O’dea, Knight Bannerette, Lord of the court of Galandor, Lord of the court of Vega.

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