Fourth Agenda Item

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Fourth Agenda Item

Postby Mynwyn » Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:34 am

Change Section V.B.8. of the LI to the following:

8. In the event that a member holds multiple voting privileges in the Imperial Estates due to elected position, rank, past service or Crown, the member shall be limited to only voting in a single capacity; all others are forfeit.

a. This does not preclude the member from holding another member’s proxy.

b. A Sovereign position must be the predominant position and anyone holding multiple votes must forfeit all save the Sovereign Position and vote for the duration of holding the Sovereign Position.

c. If a co-sovereign also holds a Board position, They must exercise the Board Vote and the other Co-Sovereign must exercise the Sovereign vote.

Reason: The kingdom whose ruler is also a board member should not be punished because of it. Also, with our decreased membership it is harder and harder to find people willing to step up to the plate as it were. Since the term of service of sovereigns doesn't coincide with the BOD it is possible and likely with a few example to date of overlap and IMHO the kingdom should take precedence during the IE meetings.

Submitted by: Lassidor Vandolini

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