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HESA Book List

Posted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 2:57 pm
by HRM Sanguinius
Historical European Sword Arts:

I have made a list of all the books that I think are good learning tools for historical swordsmanship. These are all books that I have read and studied (some more than others) and can recommend. I have divided them into century and style and with a (*) denoting a good book for beginners, (**) for Intermediate students, and (***) for advanced students.

13th c:
(*) Sword and Buckler - ... 34&sr=8-10 (a little outdated, but good intro to the system)
(**) Sword and Buckler - (the original facsimile of the above system of combat)

14th c:
(*) German Longsword, Spear, Armored Combat - ... ghting.htm
(**) German Longsword, Sword and Buckler, Wrestling, Spear, Armored Combat, Mounted Combat - ... 503&sr=1-2

15th c:
(*) Italian Longsword - ... panion.htm
(***) Italian Longsword, Dagger, Armored Combat - ... 861&sr=1-1
(**) German Longsword, Dagger, Spear, Sword and Buckler, Wrestling - ... sname.aspx

16th c:
(*) English Broadsword - ... 1891448277
(**) Italian Bolognese (Singlesword, Sword and Buckler, Sword and Cloak, Sword and Targe, Dual Swords, Sword and Dagger) - ... dsman.aspx
(***) German Rapier, Longsword, Dussak, Dagger - ... 198&sr=1-1
(***) Italian Rapier (Agrippa - single sword, dual swords, sword and cloak, sword and rotella, sword and dagger) -

17th c:
(*) Italian Rapier (Capoferro - sword, sword and dagger) - ... lists.html
(**) Italian Rapier (Giganti - sword, sword and dagger) - ... apier.aspx
(***) Italian Rapier (Fabris - sword, sword and dagger, sword and cloak) - ... ueling.htm
(***) Spanish Rapier - ... id=2891263

There are two books that everyone should stay away from (they are outdated and filled with anti-medieval-recreation sentiments): ... 131&sr=1-2 ... gy_b_img_b

I hope this helps wouldbe marshals of HESA get on the right path!