Unto the Imperial Minister of Combat

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Unto the Imperial Minister of Combat

Postby lassidor » Thu Feb 05, 2009 7:36 pm

Someone in Vega found a new type of shinai a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it is technically illegal by the manual of combat since it only has 3 slats. How soon could we get it into "testing" so that it can be used in events?


three slat shinai.jpg
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They run $20 from amazon. These are flat and look more like a sword than a standard shinai. They have clearly defined cutting edges and clearly defined flat sides so that should reduce some of the ambiguity from the normal shinais. Since they are flat I'm guessing they are fairly easy to attach a quillion to.
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Re: Unto the Imperial Minister of Combat

Postby Mynwyn » Fri Feb 06, 2009 11:38 am

There currently is no Imperial Minister of Combat, however, the IMoC is very clear about how to go about getting a new weapon approved. Start with testing it outside of official events. When you believe that it works, the your Kingdom Marshal to have him authorize level 2 testing, which allows testing at official events under outlined circumstances. After that, the Kingdom Marshal brings it to the Imperial Marshal (Anne or I would stand in until one is appointed) who then authorizes Imperial wide testing. If it goes through all of this, it can be submitted to the Imperial Estates for including in the next IMoC.


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