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Improving the Imperial Board

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:40 am
by Valdis
Hi all,

I'm tossing around a few ideas for improving the Imperial Website. One idea I have is to put together a small slideshow of 4-7 slides for the front page. It has also been suggested that I put together interest specific pages for the three Knightly peerages and create a slide show for those pages as well.

As such, I would ask that anyone who has a few great pictures email them to me. I'm happy to accept "choreographed" photos as well as candid.

My requirements:
1. A short (sentence or two) description, and identification (by game name) of the individuals in the photo
2. No "mundania", if at all possible (I know this could be hard).

I hope to have a few "template" type sites up by early next month.